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USAA Shows El Paso What It Means to Serve

by Community Manager

‎11-27-2013 12:09 PM


Tim Hanson, senior marketing manager, Sponsorship Events

By Tim Hanson, senior marketing manager, Sponsorship Events


In Far West Texas, there are lots of open roads and tumbleweeds. I know that firsthand after traveling to El Paso last week for the grand opening of the newest USAA Financial Center.


Long drives and dusty roads aside, my trek to the Sun City was well worth the time. And, by the reception we received at a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by residents of the military community and local media, it was obvious others agreed.


USAA executives addressed the crowd briefly, explaining that the financial center exhibits USAA’s commitment to the military community and our effort to serve members closer to home. The building itself reflects USAA’s love for veterans with its huge mural of black-and-white military photographs in the lobby and other military imagery strategically placed throughout the building.


After the ceremony, USAA executives went to the William Beaumont Army Medical Center Fisher House where they announced USAA would contribute $15,000 to help support the Fisher House mission. Founded by Zachery and Elizabeth Fisher, the Fisher House Foundation provides comfortable homes where families can stay at no cost while a loved one receives treatment. To date, more than 60 Fisher Houses exist throughout the United States and Europe at every major military medical center. Over the years, USAA has donated more than $2 million to the foundation.


One memory I cherish from the whirlwind of activity of that day and the subsequent weeklong open-house celebration at the El Paso Financial Center was that of a young Army soldier and his children who visited the center. New to the military and not quite sure what USAA could do for them, they left as our newest members. The husband and father of two didn’t know we provided life insurance without a war exclusion clause. Or that we were founded by military officers.1 Or that he could pass eligibility for membership down to his children.


That’s what it means to serve. And I felt proud to witness USAA’s mission in action.




1Company ratings represent an opinion of financial strength and the company’s ability to meet ongoing obligations to policyholders.