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Starting early: Glenda Oakley

by Community Manager

‎07-17-2014 01:32 PM

PTR[2]_Glenda resized.jpgName: Glenda Oakley


Age: 31


Title: Lead affinity account manager


Served in: Army


When did you start investing? We played the stock market game in an investment course my senior year of undergrad and I was pretty good, so I decided to take a small portion of my funds to invest.  Once I commissioned into the Army, my father, a sergeant major at the time, convinced me to open a Roth IRA, and I put $350 per month into the account. I traded minimally and had stocks for a long haul.  After separating from the Army, I was able to take a lump sum of money and open a managed account because I no longer had time to actively trade. 


How did you start investing? My investments class in college opened my eyes to the possibility and basics. My son is my motivation.


What is your risk appetite? I invest, but I am very cautious. I save and invest a lot but love the comfort of seeing the cash be readily available, too. I am trying to take more risks while I can. 


Are you investing with a specific goal? My goal is to make as much as I can so that I can maintain the same lifestyle I currently live. I have to make my money work smarter, so I make more investments in lieu of crazy purchases. I think of every transaction as an investment, including real estate. I want to be able to retire at a young age and invest my time in volunteer efforts. I would also love to be able to leave my children with something to remember and thank me for later.


Any advice for new investors? First off, start early! Do your research, set alerts and limits, take risks you can tolerate and be patient. I have jumped out of stocks too early because I got scared. Remember, the money isn’t lost until you sell it. On the other side, I have jumped out of stocks too late by not setting alerts. You have to keep a balance. When you learn, teach your children. 


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by Ms. Erica ‎07-22-2014 11:55 AM

Very wise advise!

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