What's Your Why? USAA Mission Drives Employee

Justin Jackson Why USAA.jpg

USAA employee, Justin Jackson, says the mission is why he chooses to be at USAA.


When USAA employee, Justin Jackson separated from active duty with the U.S. Air Force in 2018, he began the search for a civilian job to supplement his continued service in the Air Force Reserve. 


“I went to a local military job fair, and I was actually kind of humiliated. It was really weird,” recalls Justin, decision science analyst. “Everybody was acting like I was wasting their time because I didn’t have a degree. I was really discouraged because it seemed like my military experience didn’t matter.” 


On his way out, Justin decided to stop by the USAA booth.  


“I had never really thought about working at USAA, but I was a third-generation member and always had good experiences with them,” he says. “The recruiter just happened to be with data and analytics – which was my background – and she gave me insight to what it would be like to work as a data analyst and how I could use my military experience in the role.” 


Justin joined USAA's data analytics team just a few weeks later.  


Over the last three years, Justin has continued to serve in the Air Force Reserve alongside his full-time roles as parent, homeowner, USAA employee and, thanks to our education benefit, a student.  


“After I learned about the education assistance program, I knew that I’d be silly to not use the opportunity to finally earn my bachelor’s degree, a milestone that no one in my family had yet achieved,” says Justin.  

Grad Pic.jpegThis spring, Justin and his wife both earned their degrees from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Now he is preparing to pursue his master’s degree while he completes the final two years of his time in the Reserve.  


“Whether it is a degree, certificate, or just learning something new, there are always opportunities to make yourself better and keep the mission going for another hundred years,” says Justin. “Be ready for tomorrow’s mission by preparing today.”  


Justin says that mission – serving our military members and their families – fuels his commitment to USAA as we approach our second century of service.  


​“It is the perfect scenario: By working at USAA, I can continue providing service to the military and their families even after I reach the end of my military career,” he says. “USAA has literally changed my life. Even on top of the paid time for military service, education assistance and all the other benefits, I’ve been able to purchase two cars and a house. All of these things happened with the support of USAA. From being an active military member, and now, employee, USAA has been with me every step of the way - personally and professionally. I couldn’t be more grateful to continue working for a mission that matters.”