USAA Hiring our Heroes partner to support military talent programs

primary.JPG                      Lori M. and Alfonso R. were both selected to support military talent programs and initiatives.


This month, USAA welcomed' 25 active duty military members joining USAA as part of the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate and Military Spouse Fellowship programs. Alfonso R. and Lori M. are two of the fellows selected.


After Lori's husband recently retired from the military following 25 years of service, she was excited to find an opportunity through the USAA fellowship programs to help other military families and service members at USAA.


“At this point in my life, I'm embracing my experience as a military spouse and trying to tell my story through the gaps in my resume," says Lori, part of this year's Military Spouse Fellowship program cohort. “I want to show that I was able to complete my education, travel and raise a family – the military lifestyle afforded me those luxuries."


As a military spouse, Lori is excited to bring to USAA her unique skillset acquired over 25 years of military life.  


“We're tenacious, we're able to advocate really well and we're able to set timelines, since we do that with our families all the time," explains Lori. “We're able to set goals and milestones very easily, and one of our biggest strengths is being able to empathize and show compassion."


Alfonso is finishing up a career of more than 22 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.  While he faces his own transition challenges, he points out that military spouses face unique hurdles.


“The biggest difference between us – the service members compared to the spouses – is our jobs move with us in between duty stations, everywhere we go," explains Alfonso, member the Hiring Our Heroes fellowship cohort. “Often times, jobs do not transfer with spouses like it does for service members; they have to start over."


Alfonso says he is excited to learn how corporate America works as he begins to transition out of the military.


“During this transition, on one end of the spectrum, I want to learn something simple like changing my vocabulary, start to use civilian terminology. And on the other end, network and see what USAA is about so I can bring value add to my team," says Alfonso. “Most importantly, I want to find meaningful employment."


One of the unique characteristics of the entire military community, Alfonso says, is the experience working with people from all walks of life.


“All of us have unique stories, whether you've served or are a family member of someone who served," says Alfonso. “We're all different, but I believe one common answer you'll get from every one of us is our people skills, intangible leadership and managerial traits. Those skills allow us to connect right off the bat with others and seek to understand before being understood – soft skills that we've developed throughout a successful career that cannot be duplicated."