USAA Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


USAA Employee, Pavan G., hopes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month will help 

educate employees about different cultures.


 As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, USAA employee, Pavan G., reminds us to recognize the AAPI community as a vital part of the tapestry of our country. As we take this month to celebrate the AAPI community, Pavan wants to acknowledge the various contributions and focus on standing together as one.  


“Our country has seen and benefited from various contributions and work from Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders,” says Pavan, senior scrum master and Plano chapter lead for MOSAIC, USAA’s AAPI diversity business group. “This community has contributed to our country serving in the military, in NASA and as CEOs.” 


Despite those contributions, the Asian American and Pacific Islander community has experienced a visible uptick in discrimination.   


MOSAIC’s vision is to empower and educate employees, our organization and communities to help build an inclusive environment for all.  


“We want to bring awareness and educate our colleagues and friends about different cultures,” explains Pavan. “People shouldn’t feel awkward or ashamed about having a different way of doing things.” 


Whether those differences mean wearing pieces of clothing such as a sari, speaking a different language or enjoying different cuisines, Pavan says that understanding other cultures helps us understand each other. 

“While we may look different, we are all Americans,” says Pavan.