Guiding by Example

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                   USAA employee Luke R., product management director, shown with some of his fellow soldiers.


One of the most priceless gifts you can receive is guidance from someone who has already experienced the same thing you are going through. 


“The worst feeling is to think you are alone trying to maneuver around the unknown,” says Luke R., USAA product management director. “Thankfully, USAA has a power team of employees with firsthand military experience that directly influences the resources we provide for our currently serving members and their families.”


USAA’s Enterprise Advice Group includes a group of veterans, within the military advice team, that have a special outlook. They have walked in the boots of our members and provide the advice that only USAA can to ensure members are financial prepared throughout their military service and after they leave.


Luke credits his own personal experiences and military service with how he helps serve members best, and the close partnership EAG has with the Military affairs team.


What do you do at USAA?

I support our military advice experiences which provides advice for currently serving members as they navigate their military experience from deployment to leaving the military.
How does your military experience inform the work you do at USAA?

I’ve been mobilized three times: once during Hurricane Harvey, during civil unrest duty, and now with the border operations in Texas. I’ve also been deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. Each event required me to be as prepared as possible financially. Those experiences have given me firsthand knowledge of what our members experience. It grounds me and helps me focus on what’s important to our members. It has also given me a network I can contact to validate ideas that come up around military advice. On the team we work closely with, we also have veterans with their own firsthand experience that add to the mix.


How does your team’s work help our members?

We focus directly on how USAA can help our members be financially prepared during military events from end to end. So, from joining the military, PCSing, deployment and leaving the military.


What’s most important to EAG’s military advice team?

Being a part of USAA’s Military Advice team allows us to continue that service daily, not just when we have duty. Sharing my firsthand knowledge can help other members maneuver around their challenges and focus on what really matters, their family and service in the military.​​​​​​


Our mission is about facilitating the financial security of our members. We do that through the products, services and advice we offer. Our all-new member need-focused Advice Center where they can get personalized tips, we help them be financially prepared for every stage of life or whatever life throws at them.​

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