From Sweeping Up to Serving Members: USAA Employee Shares his Journey




Two jobs. Sixteen-hour days. A wife and baby at home. This was the reality that Andrew C. faced every day when he started his night shift as a janitor contracted to work at USAA. Life wasn’t perfect, but he was thankful for what he had.


“All jobs matter, every single one,” says Andrew, a member solutions senior specialist at USAA. “Whether I was putting fries in a fryer or working as an EMT, I viewed each job as a stepping stone to the next one.”


Little did he know, his next job was right around the corner. While sweeping during his janitorial rounds in the Phoenix office in 2015, he saw an employee struggling to carry a heavy box to her car and offered to help. The two struck up a conversation, and she was impressed by his work ethic. After learning about his situation, she encouraged him to apply for a job at USAA.


“If it wasn’t for her talking to me that night, I wouldn’t have the job that I have now,” he says. “I never considered applying because I didn’t have a degree, but she assured me that I didn’t need one. She told me that USAA valued hard work and that they provided great training for new employees.”


After discussing the opportunity with his wife, Andrew applied for an MSR position and was hired weeks later. He is now an after-hours work at home employee living in Colorado Springs whose role is to support our members outside of USAA’s normal business hours.


His only regret is that he didn't get the name of the woman who told him to apply.


“I never had the chance to see her again to be able to thank her for encouraging me,” he said. “If there was any way to be able to find out who she was, I feel like I owe her a big thanks.”


Though he is no longer taking out trash and cleaning restrooms, Andrew is proud of his roots and grateful that USAA gave him an opportunity.


“USAA is my home,” says Andrew. “This organization saw me as a person and not just for who I was on paper.”