PCS Move To Korea

May 20, 2016

I came up on orders to Camp Humphreys, South Korea. I have about year until I have to report. I am a single soldier(Specialist-E4)...

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Jay Bruce, Thanks for reaching out in Community. It's definitely never too early to start preparing. I have included th...

Moving from Florida to California

Apr 29, 2016

Hello everyone, I am continuing what my father bred into me and I am on the move again! I am moving from Florida to California and...

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Surfvet, Thanks for reaching out in Community! Many of us know moving long distance can be exciting and very stressful....

I need to move big appliances from Georgia to Maryland.

Apr 27, 2016

My Aunt is giving me her Washer, Dryer, Fridge, and Range, but she lives in Georgia and I need it in Maryland. Are there any servi...

Help moving a car across country for 6-8 weeks

Apr 13, 2016

I am trying to move a vehicle from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and back (6-8 weeks- June to August) this summer. Is there a good a...

Moving from CA to CO. Anyone know of a inexpensive but re...

Apr 6, 2016

I am moving from Sacramento, CA to the Denver, CO area in late July. I am looking for a moving company that isn't horribly expensi...

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Hi Travelnurse, Best of luck to you on your move! Keep us posted with how everything goes. Thanks for posting in Commun...

ADT 2 year agreement

Mar 1, 2016

I have been with ADT for over 2 years through USAA discount. I was told that after my 2 years with ADT that they can no longer hol...

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Hi Atli, ADT is waiting for a call back from you to make sure this issue is resolved. Please let me know if I can do an...
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Hi Atli, It is my understanding you have spoken with a member service representative. I wanted to check in and make sur...

I'm Moving to FT Bragg

Jan 30, 2016

can anyone tell me a good area to check for apartment or s house ..

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nickie frank
I lived in a neighborhood called Beaver Creek Plantations it had nice big homes.I bought my home so if your looking to ...
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Check on Zillow around zip code 28314 its a nice area for military

In a few months, moving to Leesburg, Florida

Jan 26, 2016

It is cheaper to live in Florida than in South Carolina. I'm not sure which is cheaper, Texas or Florida? I lived in Texas for 6 y...

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Florida Mom
I used to work in Leesburg. It's okay, the school system is not the best and there are some areas you may not want to l...
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I lived in North Houston before. Its Ok, mosquitos dont bite like south Texas. I heard Florida is full of them. Not all...

Moving Overseas

Jan 25, 2016

I'm moving overseas to the Uk. I'm wondering if it will be a smart move to sell my car which i owe 16k on but it's worth 10-14k. W...

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Hi JuniorR, I would give our Financial team a call at (800) 245-9360 between the hours of 8am-6pm central time. A repre...

Relocation 2016

Jan 4, 2016

I'm relocating from West Palm Beach, FL to McKinney Tx with two children in April. Any suggestions on how to get started?

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Hi Ashanta! Will you be moving yourself? Is this a military move? Here are a few tips to get your started: https://comm...
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Get multiple quotes on everything ( moving companies, places to live, etc)
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