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Bad Link

Jul 20, 2017

The link to the household inventory no longer works. Appears the company has taaken down its website and is referring people to ot...

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USAA Social Service
Hi Sunsray - While we don't have an actual checklist you can use, you can create your own inventory list. Follow this l...

ATM Access while Living Abroad

Jul 4, 2017

My son is going to school in Israel. He already has use of my USAA credit card there, without transaction fees, which we love. We ...

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USAA Social Service
Thanks for reaching out, jakawie - What an exciting time for your son! He will be able to use his debit card while in I...

I moved to Japan

Jun 24, 2017

I need help on how to deposit money into my USAA account from Japan.I have JP Post bank account.Please don't tell me to get a mone...

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USAA Social Service
Migz, in addition to mailing a check or money order for deposit to your account, you can initiate a wire transfer from ...

What is Your Favorite Duty Station?

Jun 22, 2017

Summer is the busiest moving season. In that spirit, I asked fellow military spouses and military bloggers to share what duty stat...


Jun 15, 2017

Hi! I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Alaska clause for windshield with USAA?

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USAA Social Service
Good afternoon JJ45. Is there anything I can assist you with today? It sounds like you may be looking into filing a gla...

Moving company in Miami, FL

Jun 4, 2017

I'm moving from Miami,FL to Chattanooga,TN. Can anyone recommend a reliable and goodmoving company?

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Corpsman CG
I'd recommend Two Marines moving company and see if they offer a good military/veteran discount.

USAA ATM For Check Deposit

Jun 4, 2017

Does anyone know if Plano, TX has an ATM. I have a check to deposit that is over my daiy limit. I have to get the check in by tomo...

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USAA Social Service
Hello Ginny392, I understand that you need to deposit a check that's over your daily limit. Regrettably, there are no d...

A different bank.

May 25, 2017

Do you guys recommend a similar style bank? Do I have to sell all my stocks in my investments or can I transfer them to another ba...

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@DannyMac0607 You should be able to transfer your stocks to another brokerage firm/bank without selling them. Set up th...

ADT is telling me I added service and have a 3 year contr...

May 23, 2017

We have been utilizing ADT since we were in the Chicago area and we relocated in 2015 and use them here in Texas when we tried to ...

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USAA Social Service
Maverick55, I can see why you have concerns. I'm providing your information to the appropriate area to review and reach...

Please add an easy way to send a message

Apr 9, 2017

It is very difficult on the app and even the site to quicly in one stop send a message. Pleaes add "SEND MSG to USAA" pick on your...

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Add ability to send a message easily via the app is really needed
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USAA Social Service
Elizebeth, thank you for your feedback. We will certainly submit this feedback for review. Under the contact us option,...
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