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Lien holder letter trouble

Feb 4, 2017

We currently have a loan on a car through a finance group other than USAA. We currently have orders overseas and we are trying to ...

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USAA Social Service
Hello and thank you for your inquiry concerning a permission letter to ship your vehicle overseas. If your vehicle is r...

Zip code/address change

Jan 28, 2017

I have moved to PA and have been for several months. I placed my auto insurance through you guys and that information is accurate ...

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USAA Social Service
Hi there Valerie! We can certainly get right on this! I have sent you a message on Please login to review and...

I am switching to Bank of America!

Jan 12, 2017

I am tired of dealing with USAA! These lengthy holds on funds are ridiculous and I never heard of holding funds for 7 to 10 days! ...

Suggestions on long distance move

Dec 28, 2016

Hey y'all. I am hoping I can get some assistance or recommendations on any long distance movers. I have not moved long distance si...

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Jessie M.
I've had good experience with "Two Men And a Truck." I think they do the shipping container thing you mentioned.

An international move

Dec 12, 2016

I and my husband will be moving from the UK to Phoenix, AZ in jan or feb. we are looking for a good transport company to ship a co...

Moneta VA

Oct 30, 2016

Do to personal issues my son and I will be moving to Moneta. I am thinking about purchasing a home there. But I have not used my V...

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Do not use USAA for your VA mortgage! It will be sold off to nationstar an F rated mortgage company! Go with someone el...
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USAA Social Service
Aspie mom, We understand that buying a house is an exciting time and interesting time. We're here to help anyway we can...

Moving from Texas to South Carolina

Sep 28, 2016

I am east of San Antonio and south of Austin and looking for recommendations for a national moving company for my upcoming move to...

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Cynthia USAA
Diamond-TX, Thanks for checking it out. I'm sorry to hear they do not service your zip code.
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Thanks - I checked with them and they don't provide service to my zip code.

Address change

Sep 24, 2016

Hello, IV done a change off address through the post office but haven't received my cards. *address removed for privacy*

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USAA Social Service
Hello Kandi8 if you are only a Authorized User on the credit card account and not an account holder/owner then as a aut...

International Auto Insurance?

Sep 12, 2016

Does USAA offer auto insurance to members in the UAE?

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USAA Social Service
Thank you for the post, at this time we do not offer coverage in this location but you can call in and speak to our int...

Moving to an address separate from my joint applicants.

Sep 6, 2016

This has been a continuos issue that myself and others that bank with USAA are having. A process improvement request has been init...

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USAA Social Service
Kidd1976 - I attempted to reach you by phone to discuss this issue but was unsuccessful and left a brief voicemail. I s...
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USAA Social Service
We appreciate your inquiry, Kidd1976. Your concern has also been escalated to a colleague for follow up. Thanks for rea...
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