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To Malstrom AFB, MT

To Malstrom AFB, MT

JasmineAy's avatar User  JasmineAy  (Opens a pop up layer) New Member

Hey Everyone, This is my first assignment and I am headed to Malstrom AFB in Great Falls, Mt. I am looking to rent for about 6 mons before purchasing a home. Does anyone have any living advice while up there. I keep checking on and craigslist everyday and I am not having any luck. I also do not want a roommate. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Re:To Malstrom AFB, MT

BrianaHartzell's avatar User  BrianaHartzell  (Opens a pop up layer) Limitless Contributor

I would also try and check out the Malmstrom AFB facebook page and post about your rental needs there and someone local may know about the perfect place! Good luck on your search!!
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