I am a second generation USAA member since the 1980's and I have consistently been amazed at your customer service and sung your praises to everyone I know.  I regularly ask people if they have any military connection and tell them to look into your financial institution because you have always been so wonderful. We have been so pleased that you have managed every aspect of our financial life from banking to mortgages, car and home purchases, car & home insurance, retirement accounts, college accountants, credit cards and loans...you name a service you have offered over the years we have used it. Unfortunately, I no longer can recommend you. I am not sure what has changed internally but your customer service STINKS now. It used to be so nice to speak to your reps. They were courteous, efficient, helpful and kind. Now they are cold, flat, inefficient and full of I cant's and I won'ts and we don'ts. Every call starts with if you are willing to take a customer service survey I consistently say yes and then no survey is offered.  In the past, every call ended with a survey. Additionally, if you had an ongoing open claim, dispute, application, etc. you would get regular updates and calls to advise you of status changes. I now have to call a customer service rep who tells me I can not talk to the direct department and a notation will have to made on my account and the SHOULD call me back??? Then they dont. I have had an open dispute case for a month now and still do not have a persons name who is working on the case and they have not ever contacted me. What is going on with you USAA? Long distance banking is not the most convenient option. You need to make our lives easier if you want to keep our business. I have stopped looking at you as an option for future services and am researching other banking options...



I would like to apologize for the inconsistencies in communication about your open dispute, and would really appreciate the chance to review what has happened and make things right. I can assure you we take the feedback given in this community very seriously and it is appropriately escalated so there are lessons learned and actions taken so these mistakes do not happen in the future. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. Will you email us at socialmedia@usaa.com (Please include the details above, your member number and he best way to contact you). We truly look forward to hearing from you so we can improve our services going forward. Thank you.

I have to agree with tnovak. I, too, am a 2nd generation USAA member who has been a member for 20+ years. I have recommended USAA to many people over the years but, like tnovak, I have noticed increasingly poor customer service over the past few years. This has been very disappointing.


Dear Kendra,

Thank you so much for your loyalty and long time membership. I would like to apologize for the decline in service you have experienced and request that you provide us with additional details about what has disappointed you, so that we may make improvements. We we would appreciate you sending us a message here with your experience. We truly look forward to receiving your feedback.

Sadly I agree wtih your assessment of USAA's decline in customer service.  In the past, I also got others to join USAA and bragged about USAA.  The dominant feature/benefit that USAA provided really was stellar customer service.  In fact, many rates and products can be found elsewhere at better pricing.  I've been a member for over 20 years.  Little issues here and there over the years but the superb customer service made me move almost all of my finances to USAA.   I will probably stay a USAA member due to some services I have with USAA but I am currently making changes.  Recently, I've had some issues that could have been easily remedied but I don't think even those in the CEO Grievance Dept really care.  I sincerely hope most USAA members will still enjoy USAA's service as I once did. I applaud the community moderators for respoinding to people but if someone has already spoken to someone at higher levels, then shouldn't the issues (especially if it had nothing to do with late payments, non-payment, rude customer,etc.) already be resolved so people don't feel the need to post on the community board?



You are absolutely correct. Your issues should be resolved especially after speaking to the grievance department ( I am sorry you felt they did not take what you had to say seriously). Looks like we have failed to solve some of the problems with that route, and are glad members feel they can come to the community to look for a solution. While it pains me to read about member's negative experiences, I am grateful they are providing feedback (like you have) and are willing to give USAA details so that we can ensure we improve and do not make the same mistakes again.  I have given you this link when responding to another one of your posts, but f you would like an additional more direct outlet to be heard, please email us (and include your member number and the best way to contact you) to socialmedia@usaa.com, and we will have someone in touch who can make sure we start to make the changes needed to improve our customer service. Thank you for posting.


I couldn't agree with all any more (but more generations and years as customer). I have an almost month-old cc dispute, I submitted written evidence in support, and no update, no reply to express requests for info/status of dispute. Absolute, surprisingly!, worst cc dispute I've ever experienced in decades of much travel. I don't know what to think. I have surely stopped recommending USAA, and I've mothballed the card.

Dea HonGBD,

Could you please send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com with the details of your pending dispute and your member number? We will get someone in touch who can provide an update. I am very sorry for the lack of response you have had thus far. We look forward to hearning from you. 

although my issue stems from a year or two ago, I figured I'd chime in and agree partially with what has been said thus far.  I still enjoy the customer service in the banking and insurance departments immensly.  However, in the past four years I have bought a house and refinanced two different properties and was disgusted with the notary publics and process in securing these mortgages.  One of the notaries spoke very little english (nothing against that) but she also had very little knowledge about the documents I was signing.  Having done this a few times, I was dismayed when I was telling her what documents meant and why they were necessary.  My first house with USAA could not have been smoother (2002).  All the documents were fed-exed to me for my review and signature.  I had my attorney look over them and sign as my notary and sent the documents back the next day. I requested this process again and was told only specific notaries were authorized by usaa and my attorney would not suffice.  It was a terrible experience. One refinance happened on a snowy day and I travelled to the location only to wait and wait.  I finally called and was told the notary had cancelled. After driving out in the snow, I was outraged.  I still love USAA, but it seems in an effort to grow, they have sacrificed some quality.  I will look elsewhere for any real estate related transactions.

Dear armyofficer,

Thank you for the compliment, we are so glad you love us- we think you are pretty swell too! :)


I am so very sorry to hear about your negative experience with us in 2013. Is there anything we can do to assist you now, or help resolve the issues you had with us in the past? If so, we would appreciate you sending us a message here with the best way to contact you and someone will be in touch shortly. Thank you for commenting!