on a average what should i expect to walk away with if my home is sold for 325,000 i have 55,000 mortgage to pay off andafter realtor fee escrow and all even justn a guestamite would help 



-$19,500 to Realtor

-$55,000 pays off loan

- $3000 (estimated: Title Insurance/ Lawyer fees... this varies based on area, and house value)

-????? (prorated taxes)-  Jan 1st - Sell date (usually)

- ?????? (seller assist:  if you are offering any assist to buyer for closing cost)




-prorated taxes

- seller assist



then about 4 weeks later you can expect to recieve your escrow balance back from your lender


Guessing you'll net about $240K at then end of it all.. But that is just a rough guess. Your realtor should break down these numbers for you on day one. (mine did).