I am looking to buy a home and I am only willing to spend $1300 a month.  I do not know enough to buy a home but, I'm aware that taxes will hinder monthly costs.  I figured that I would be able to afford a home of around 200K. I want to know what month taxes, fees, and interest will allow me to keep a monthly payment within $1300 a month. please help.


Try looking for forclosures or rent to own homes in the area you are interested in living. Usually you can find really good deals.
Try Zillow.com for some information. Be SURE to learn all about the costs of home ownership before taking the plunge. Also, it would be wise to use federal income tax software to make a scenario on what your first year would look like from a tax perspective. Go to clarkhoward.com for the real effect of the so-called, and essentially for most, non-existent mortgage interest deduction. Realtors mislead or simply do not know the real effect as related to mortgages under $300,000. Good Luck ! http://www.clarkhoward.com/news/clark-howard/homes-real-estate/why-mortgage-interest-deduction-proba...
Be sure to find out about HOA fees and other hidden charges. Even if they don't bring it up it can surface (by law) right within the minutes of your closure.