Charging me homeowners insurance for two houses, one of which I sold a year ago and usaa knew this, and now I have to jump through hoops to fix this mistake. Will take all my accounts to a different company. I've had more than one issue with usaa.


Dear frusterated,

I have escalated your situation and a member specialist will be in touch to make sure this situation is worked out and to collect further feedback to make sure something like this does not happen again. I apologize for the stress and trouble this has caused you.

In the mean time, I will be shopping other insurance companies.

 frustrated and annoy,


I don't know what happen on USAA side that caused the issue, but did you not review your policies?  A year is a long time to go paying extra insurance without noticing.  No matter where you get your insurance from in the future, at least review your policies to ensure they are covering what you require.


Good Luck

Hi Frusterated,

I can see someone has reached out, I wanted to check in and make sure we were able to make everything right! Thank you!

It's not USAA's fault that you didn't update your policies. You should have paid more attention. Even if they knew you sold a home, it's not as though they could have changed your policies without your consent. I've never had a problem with USAA!