would i be able to apply for a va loan without doing a va refinancing option if I already have a mortgage. A few years back my ex and I bought the house which I'm currently in, she used her VA loan but I did not and I am trying to get her name of the loan? How can I use my VA loan to accomplish this? thanks 


That's a great question, @santi115. I will forward this to our team that handles the VA mortgages to address for you. Please understand, they aren't in the office overnights, but will have this request first thing in the morning. Have a great night and stay safe in the meantime. - Cathleen

ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would use USAA to refinance a home loan.  You will regret using them.  Shop around.  You can do better than USAA.

@santi115, Hello, this is a great question and thank you for bringing it forward to us. The first step here with the entitlement in your ex's name would be to contact your current mortgage servicer and have them complete what is called a substitution of entitlement. This process moves the entitlement from your ex's name into yours. Once this has been completed, then you can proceed with contacting one of our licensed loan officers to complete a refinance, as this is the only way to remove your ex from the loan. -DG