"You are welcome to call back again so we can waste more of your time at a later date"

Has USAA just completely given up on even trying to be respectful of their customers' time?

I closed on a house earlier this month and went through USAA for both homeowners' and flood insurance. First, USAA neglects to issue the flood insurance policy and doesn't send me ANY notification through email, phone, or web/mobile but instead sends a piece of snail mail to my OLD address which I thankfully saw when I went back to check one last time claiming that my flood insurance premium was not paid and that they had notified my lender that my property had no flood insurance. Given that my lender requires me to carry flood insurance, this is kind of a big deal. After telling USAA I had proof from the closing attorney that the first year premium was paid in full out of escrow at closing they relented and sent the lender a declaration, but only after implying that it was somehow my fault for not e-signing a residence declaration despite the fact that they provided me no notice of need to do so AND without offering any explanation for why they had sent me a letter - to the wrong address - claiming that the premium not being paid (which it had been) was the reason for a policy not being issued rather than any signature.

Well, after they at least fixed the flood insurance I tell them that I am also concerned about how my homeowners' insurance is being listed online. It appears to indicate that insurance will be paid by homeowner for the first year but "mortgagee" - aka my lender - in subsequent years which sure sounds like they think that insurance is getting paid out of escrow. I told the agent that I waived escrow for my property taxes and homeowner's insurance so USAA needs to bill me directly for next year's homeowner's premium. Then comes the dreaded "let me transfer you because that's another department." Estimated wait time: SIXTY-FIVE MINUTES with no option to request a callback, because of course my time has no value. When I do finally get a representative, I am told "I can see that your first year premium was paid in full, but unfortunately we are experiencing technical issues that prevent me from accessing information about future premiums so you will need to call us back another time."

Call us back another time? To waste another hour of my time sitting on hold to correct USAA's mistake? Or how about you warn somebody about technical difficulties impacting your ability to resolve homeowner's related issues BEFORE you put them on a long hold? How about when you need to communicate with your customers, you actually use 21st-century communication methods like an email or a notification through USAA.com/mobile app instead of sending snail mail to an OLD ADDRESS? How about you apologize when you make mistakes instead of deflecting responsibility, and actually *gasp* take the initiative to CALL ME instead of just nonchalantly telling me to "call back another time" as if my time has zero value. Thank god I had the foresight to use another institution for my mortgage but I sure wish I'd gone elsewhere for my insurance too. What in the world has happened to USAA over these past few years...every interaction with them feels more like talking to Comcast.


Hello @Crimzin, I am sorry to hear that you couldn't get connected and assisted with after long wait time.  I certainly get your frustrations on not being able to get a call back.  At the moment, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties and we are unable to complete your request.  Our technical teams are fully aware and working to resolve this issue.  I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and thank you for your patience and understanding while this issue is being resolved.  Please check back with us later today via chat or phone to assist you in completing your request.  ~ Marco