When I retired to NC coast I had to leave USAA property coverage because they did not offer wind protection and subbed it out to another companiy. Combined cost would have been more than double what I could get thru Frontline. Is there any chance that USAA has or will introduce coverage in NC?  Had USAA coverage for beach house  in SC at a competitive rate. Would like to go back to USAA for all of my insurance needs.


@Funston, Great question! The best way to determine if your location can/will include windstorm coverage is by obtaining a quote on our website: https://bit.ly/1pKXwGq. We do consistently review our risks and rating factors and it is possible that even if windstorm coverage is not currently available in your area that it could be in the future. I hope this helps and that we are able to provide all of your insurance needs :) Thank you! ~Danielle