I went online to take a look at what usaa programs and rates are for a home. The app says see if you will be able to get a loan for a home by answering some questions? I clicked the appropriate boxes to see if I would qualify, I backed out of the application because I have my answer by question number 3! They ran my credit and I am very upset, how deceptive can they be?? I wish I would have known that they would do this , so be aware fellow members! ! The app takes your information that the bank already has on file and runs your credit without being clear as to what they are doing! This suckered and they need to make it clear that they will run your credit, I am beyond t'd off bc I have been improving my credit since February and I know what my scores are... I just wanted to know what programs they offered based on the simple questions and instead I got my credit ran.... Be Aware


As far as i know if you r a banking customer your credit is auto updated and filed. This is not a hard inquiry but an update that never effects your credit. My card membership has a free score benefit.

Hi CCWright,

I wanted to check in with you. From my end, it looks like a specialist reached out to you yesterday and I wanted to make sure you got the answers you were looking for. Thank you