I wish I had realized there was a community forum and checked this out before choosing USAA for a new mortgage.  I used them 18 years ago when we first bought and didn't have any problems making closing on time.  This time, however, we received a call on Friday that everything was going fine, only to find out today less than 24 hours to closing that our application is waiting for the underwriter. This person comes in a 7:30am tomorrow but there is no guarantee of when it will be looked at or when the documents will be sent on to the closing department.  So we are stuck, probably will not close on time so work schedules have to be rearranged again- since they were rearranged for closing in the first place. What on earth can take this long when everything is done electronically?  I am very very disappointed in USAA and the poor commmunication.


Dear Gibsly,

Your concerns have been escalated to a mortgage specialist who will check on underwriting. Thank you for posting here in the community!