I have been with USAA for close to 40 years. USAA handles all of my banking, insurance, and investments with ease. Do not ever use USAA for mortgages!!!! I made the mistake of doing a refinance through USAA and I have had problems that are wasting my time. Today was the final straw. I received a notice from my County auditor that my taxes where delinquent. My credit score is nearly perfect because I never miss a payment on anything. Every month USAA withholds escrow for taxes and insurance payments. Why not pay the taxes! I spoke to someone in the mortgage division that told me I was mistaken. I then went to the CEO's conflict resolution team and did a three way call to the county to prove part of my taxes were not paid. I had to drive to the courthouse and pay my own taxes to prevent my name from appearing in the paper as a tax delinquent. I am not sure it hasn't already been published because I winter out of state and didn't find the incompetent servicer hadn't paid my taxes until this morning. USAA has a company servicing mortgages that doesn't have a clue what they are doing. The company doing the servicing (or actually not doing the servicing) that has allegedly been in business since 1844. I suspect they have never upgraded equipment or procedures since their inception. Bottom line DO NOT use USAA for your mortgage! I am really concerned about my mortgage.


Thank you for the warning. This is indicative of an overall slide in USAA.