Paid $450 for an appraisal. Send all my documents in. Mortgage processing cancelled my loan application anyway, and now wants another $450 for another appraisal? The appraisal I paid $450 for is still a valid appraisal. Other banks accept appraisals that are less than six months old. USAA is non-responsive. It does not appear that USAA is competitive with the other banks?


Hello Huntsville1.  I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. VA appraisals are valid for 6 months and the VA will require the same appraisal to be used if still valid, even if it is the same lender. The requirement of collecting an appraisal fee for a new application is correct, but it usually results in a full reimbursement. I was able to access your loan information and confirmed a message was left on your phone today followed by an email. I hope that communication, along with this will provide clarification. Have a great afternoon. ~MO 

@Huntsville1 - My recommendation  Do not use USAA for your mortgage unless you absolutely must - disorganized, can't meet their own deadlines, repeatedly ask for the same paperwork over and over and over and over and over again, and change closing dates.      It doesn't get any better than that.