i am concerned as is every one else about no more home equity or line of credit service.  have been amember for life but now cannot oursue home equity loan or line of credit meaningi also may have to go elsewhere to package my lifeinsurance, home owners insurance bank checking, saving accounts and credit cards.  meanwhile because although not fault of usaa, javas lack of cooperation with at home deposits, has made it time prohibiyive for me to even deposit miney into my accounts.  In that USAA is practically a virtual bank with de0ositorys limited to united  parcel offices, if USAA cannot find a way for us to put money conveniently in as servicing companies evolve, USAAs value is dimishing to me other that your always superior professional and courteous personal telephone service.  I think it is because for probably financial progress in the rest of the world the competetion has required to open too many of your services to people who never served in the armed forces and therefore your risks have increased accordingly with a relativey less disciplined clientele.  You have carried me in every aspect of my financial life for so long, I guess I thought it would continue until my death and my life insurance successfully paid off.  Alas, USAA seems to have lost your previous clout with your own financiers who no longer court you to meet our previously priveliged and gratefully appreciated service. Should we hang on, or do you need us anymore?


Dear 007Katie,

We hope you will continue to trust us with your finances and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to get further information about you how we can better serve you! Please send us a message here and we will have a specialist reach out shortly. Thank you.