We were schedulaed to close on June 30.  Today is July 10 and I was told yesterday that it was with the underwriter but hadn't been reviewed yet.  My processor Jose made a huge error nearly six weeks ago and here we still sit with no home.  At the bottom of his emails there is a line that says if I have any questions to call his supervisor Missy.  I did and left her a nessage.  The next afternoon Jose called and said his supervisor had gotten a message from me and wanted him to "reach out to me" and find out exactly what my concerns were!!!  Completely unprofessional.  I will NEVER recommend USAA for mortgages.  NEVER, and neither will my realty agent.


Wendy Morgan,

I can understand your frustration when your expected closure date came and went and I apologize for our service failure. This is certainly not the experience we want you to have with our mortgage process. If you could please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and a number we can contact you, we would like to get a specialist from the mortgage department in contact with you. Thank you

Your standard reply is that this is not the experience that you want your members to have - well trust me when I say this isn't the experience WE want to have either.  But yet look at all of the problems folks have and are continuing to have with USAA mortgage.  It seems that nothing in that dept is changing for the better.  From ordering an appraisal on a house before I even made an offer on it, to notifying the closing agent with a closing date after the underwriter had suspended the loan in need of yet MORE documents (24 pages to be exact), this dept doesn't seem to have a clue what is going on.  It is broken and needs fixing immediately. 

I did speak with several memebers of the mortgage dept yesterday and all I can say this - when a company has a resoultions dept with this many employees and something to fill out called an Escalation Form - maybe it's you.

WOW I had no idea USAA mortgage dept. was so bad. I recently was pre-qualed through USAA for a vacation home since I have been a memebr for many years and the banking dept. has always been very good I thought I'd give USAA a chance. I know there are several reasons many people have bad experiences, and it is many times the person applying for the mortgages fault. However, most of these problems appear to be a lack of communication on the part of USAA mortgage dept. I think I'll look for another bank to provide my mortgage products. I appreciate these posts that allow customers to make their own decisions based on customer experiences. I think one poster said you should post the folks with good experiences too....Why????; a professional organization is suppose to do a good job that's nothing to be proud of that's why you charge fees...It's your job USAA!!!


You are absolutely right. It is our job to provide you with the best customer service and I am sorry it looks like we have failed you. I would like to get someone from the mortgage department in contact with you. I have escalated your comment and a mortgage specialist should be reaching out to you soon. Thank you for commenting in the community.

Wish I had read these posts before going through the mortgage process.  It sounds all too familiar.  Every time I think I'm on track, they switch it up on me (to include increased costs, more down payment).  I have never been through so much pain and right as I have the final contract signed, it looks like it will all fall through.  I had less trouble buying a home in bureaucratic Italy.


I am very sorry to hear you are not receiving the service you deserve and have come to expect from USAA. A mortgage specialist should be reaching out to you shortly. Thank you for commenting and please keep us updated on your situation.