Very dissapointing during COVID-19 that USAA inscreased my mortgage payment combined with the increase of my home owner policy went up a whopping 50 dollars during my renewal policy.  Even though the offset of my car insurance went down that is temporary but my homeowner increase will affect the life of my loan. In't there enough stess on middle class folks without having to worry about an increase for the dwelling.


Hello wisski. Your principal and interest monthly payment is locked for the life of the loan, but your monthly mortgage payment may increase or decrease if funds are collected into an escrow account for taxes and insurance. This is because your taxes and insurance can increase or decrease in a given year. This will not be the same figure you pay for the life of the loan. I hope this provides you with additional information. I am sorry to hear your insurance premium increased. I am forwarding your post our insurance team for additional review. Thank you. 

@wisski, I can understand your concern with the homeowner premium increase. I had a chance to review your policy, however, for privacy and security reasons I am unable to discuss account specific information here. Please give us a call at 800-531-8722 or chat with a specialist online by selecting your policy and clicking "Contact USAA" on the top right-hand corner so that an Insurance Professional can review your policy characteristics, savings and discounts to ensure it is all up to date. I've notated your account with your inquiry. Thank you! -Cynthia 

Shop around.  USAA's insurance rates can easily be beaten by other companies.