I recently called customer sevice to discuss why my home owners insurance policy goes up every year and ask if I could do anything to stop the rate hike each year. The representative told me I should cancel my USAA policy and go with someone cheaper. I stated I wished to stay with USAA just wanted my payment to stop going up each year. She stated there is  nothing I can do besides move out of Florida or go with another company. I love USAA and I have had great experiences with their services. What has happened to the company as of late? Have they gotten so big that they no longer care about the customers? I have already moved my auto insurance to another large company and save 600+ a year.  This large company (lizard) has not raised my rates in the  2 years I have been with them.  I hate to change my home owners insurance policy to a new company, but when USAA customer service tells you thats what you should do, I guess it's a good idea. Anyone got any recommendations for a new company?


@helpmehelpyou, Your membership is important to us, and I hate to hear that your last conversation left you feeling this way. We continually analyze expected losses and expenses as well as other factors to ensure we are providing our members with quality coverage at competitive rates.  We also consider any discounts and savings members are qualified to receive based on their tenure, overall relationship and payment history with USAA. Rates are reviewed constantly, and when we are able to lower them, we do. If we can help answer any questions or concerns, we are happy to do just that. Please let us know how we can help. -Danielle

Its unfortunate that you were provided a response of that nature. It makes me begin to wonder if I should do the same.

I'm so very sorry to hear about your disappointment, @SheldonJ. It's never our intent to make you feel this way. We do appreciate your membership and would like another opportunity to review the policies and provide a full insurance review. We can review and compare contract and coverage differences. Please feel free to connect with us via our website at http://usaa.com or call us at 800-531-8722.

Empty responses are the theme in this community site.  

I am in the same boat as you. Every year they keep increasing the homeowners insurance, Its aggravating to say the least. Unfortunetely i've started shopping too and yes, the lizard is several hundred dollars less expensive. USAA has sold almost all of thier investment programs and then today, to my surprise and dissapointment they just did away with the car buying and selling. What the heck, I've been with USAA for over 20 years and now sadly will only have a checking and saving left with them after having nearly every investement, auto loan, Insurance..you name it. All transfered to other companies...sad.

@Sand Knat, I can understand increases in rates being frustrating. Have you had a chance to speak with one of our insurance specialists who can review your prior and current term, and see what options are available to help offset the increase? ~Danielle

Working hard on the transfers now.  While 4 cars, homeowners, PAF, life, and other products may not seem like much to USAA management in the micro, it will in the macro as more and more folks are awakened to the loss of confidence in USAA, its customer service, and so-called support for military.  Best to colleagues equally beyond the repair phase.  Beyond the 'call us during USAA duty day' modis operendi.  Best of luck to the Board replacing the current leadership at USAA and seeking compensation from previous leadership that drove the company to this point.  But "HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, US...A...A commercials" continue ad nauseum on 'great service'.  Tragic decline.


Hi TYPP. I am saddened to read that you feel so strongly about USAA. Is there anything I can look into for you. -Nick

"The representative told me I should cancel my USAA policy and go with someone cheaper."


@helpmehelpyou, That's probably the most logical (and straightforward) response that has come from a CSR. You could have received the standard response - "It's never our intent to make you feel that way" or "We value your membership." If members received a nickel each time they used their those standard responses, we probably wouldn't have to worry about those recurring premium increases right?  :-) As I mentioned several months ago when USAA started with the one of two COVID-19 rebates--our premiums would also go up to cover those rebates. I put it on the same level when insurance companies tell you that they had a record payout for of claims--and therefore have to adjust their rates to cover those loses. What has happened to the company as of late? It's a matter of loyalty vs business--and business always takes the front seat. The only way you're going to take the front seat is if you go with a company that supports your coverage requirements at a price you're willing to pay.  There are more competitive rates out there--but you have to be willing to search for them. Change can be difficult for a lot of people. I decided to part ways with USAA Banking/Investments three years ago when I got some of the attitute you experienced on the insurance side. It bothered me a little, but got over it and moved on. I had been with them over 30yrs, but they (along with this community website) gave me the motivation to look at other options. Things really worked out much better for me and my family. I may be following you out the door in the next six months depending on the auto/home insurance premium renewals.