As a member for 5 years, I didn't hesitate to apply for a home mortgage with USAA. We found a home and preapproval went without a hitch. Having been through the process several times , I had my ducks in a row and sent the first batch of requested items . From this point on the process took a downward spiral. having sold our last home, we had more than enough  assets at our disposal to close.Every negative item in almost every post happened. cheryl even requested me to put her name on our bank accounts for daily activity reports. When I told her I had regrets using USAA and asked if she really knew what she was doing, all communication stopped. Cheryl then immediately called my realtor to say I wasn't sending the info she needed .From this point on messages, emails, and voicemails were not returned. she would only call my wife, who repeatedly told her to call me. 2 days before closing the loan went to under writing and again more requests for documents already sent. Due to illness a very understanding lady named michelle, I believe took over seeing our closing date was 48 hours away got a super involved. 3 hours before closing at the title company the HUD settlement is messed up and I still don't know what my costs wil be. Finally 2 Hours before closing Cheryl again calls my wife instead of me with closing cost which was not right. This is just a short summary of the expierence I had with USAA mortgage process. I could never recommend Usaa for a mortgage and am going to review my insurance, not that I've had a problem but I've never had a claim either.What bothers me is USAA never did a satisfaction folow up.


ar checking,

I cannot begin to apologize for the service you received from our mortgage department. We will get a specialist in contact with you shortly to collect more details to ensure something like this does not happen again.

Did you finally close? Because we are in the same situation where you have done so much you just don't want to start over with a different financial institution. In our case is the first property we are buying. Please let me know if you were able to close soon after this communication you send?