old member1

After 46 years insuring homes with USAA,I have a new insurer with half of my previous  yearly premium!


@oldmember1, I am sad to read that we are not currently your provider of choice for homeowners insurance, but happy you were able to save money on your homeowners insurance premium. If you'd like, we can review your new homeowners contract to ensure you are not missing any valuable coverage and that there are no exclusions that may be concerning to you on the new policy. When you're ready to do so, please give us a cal at 800-531-USAA (8722). Thank you! ~Danielle

I left USAA for a substantial savings on auto insurance.  USAA was never competitive for homeowners insurance in our area.  But at least no company could beat their auto insurance rates.  But no more.  USAA's auto insurance rates are no longer competitive and worse the customer service has gone down the drain.