Last winter I had a terrible ice storm. It was so bad that the governor declared a disaster. 31 people died in the storm. My house was severely damaged by the ice. Foremost denied my claim. MORAL OF THE STORY don't use foremost insurance. They dishonor servicepersons who live in manufactured homes.




I am so sorry to hear about the damange to your house and the deaths caused by this disaster. These types of situations are surely very awful. If there is anything we can do to help, or answer any questions you may have, please be sure to conatct us at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you for posting in the community, I hope all is well with you and your home.

Couldn't agree with you more about Foremost.  Have recently purchased two Mfg'd homes; have all of our auto, banking etc. w/ USAA for YEARS and consider them the elite of elite.  We have owned stick built homes, condos, rented and now 2 mfg'd homes which are insured w/ Foremost through USAA.  Foremost is considerably substandard in Customer Service, Product and Price than the service we've come to appreciate as USAA members.  Matter of fact, we are currently shopping other carriers for both homes and have found considerably superior service and value with American Modern.  We will be making a decision shortly as our contractor (also a USAA member, also owns a mfg'd home) chose Allstate over Foremost for similar reasons and this is without a claim; we feel for you.