A nightmare!  Never use USAA for mortgage loans.  We have been with USAA for 47 years and are plesed with both homeowners and auto services.  But their mortage service is not up to their usually high standard.  They cannot answer any questions and they are difficult to contact.  NO  accountablity.  Our closing date was today and they have not even asked the title company for the title yeat.  I believe legally when they accept a contract, legally, the company must folow the rules of the contract.  USAA had not come close to meeting the date and cannot give us a date. They basically don't canre that their incompentence affects not only us but all parties involved, including moving date, closing on other homes, buyer and seller issues.   A real disappointment, a reason to change companies and to encourage my family to do the same.  A sad day.


Dear dixie2,

I cannot begin to apologize for the stress this situation is causing you. I have escalated your comments and will have a specialist reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

When I talked with USAA today, they said that it would be 48 hours before someone would call.  That is not the service that USAA promises.  We just cannot believe USAA cares so little about their loyal members.   We are so frustrated and helpless right now and USAA has not cared at all about resolving this issue.  Your comments did not reassure me that anything will happen soon.   So very disappointing.  My whole family and many friends are members of USAA and always have been.  Does USAA not care that they are losing members over issues like this?   


Has someone reached out to you today? I want to make sure you are getting the assistance you need. Please keep me posted and I can escalate things further. Thank you