correction of mistakes and request of financial information of entity that its not involved in the VA loan or lenfer

Kari, USAA WORKER, just contact us. She told us that to correct a form that include a property that doesn't belong to us, we need to provide the trust bank statements. We felt uncomfortable when we provided them the trust papers that prove that my husband, the borrower isn't liable of this entity properties, now they want to see the trust bank statements to take the property and correct this form? I think he proved it thru the trust articles that we give to USAA. They don't need to INVOLVE THEMSELVES WITH AN ENTITY that I seriously don't know how it appeared there. We never filled this document someone else did it. I think they are tresspassing privacy to correct their own mistake. It is enough that my husband isn't personally responsible of the trust liability he service this trust. His income from this service isn't recognized as a secure income for the VA LOAN. I really find something wrong and uncomfortable by this reasoning that the bank statements are needed to correct a mistake in their form filled by them. This isn't the only mistaken form. There was another where the amount lend wasn't correct. I told Kari about it and she had even a different amount than the one they sent me in their group of lending form. Her loan number was lower. There was a financial fee paid to USAA. My husband doesn't need to pay funding fees because its a VA disability loan. I will feel better when they correct their information mistakes. I won't want to be surprise the closing day, if ever, finding that the loan it's given to the trust. Seriously it is too intrusive specially for correcting and taken off something that doesn't belong there.


As my long title says we will require a written letter if USAA NEEDS DOCUMENTS OF THE TO DO LIST FROM OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY THAT IS NOT MY HUSBAND, the actual buyer and authorize to request the VA LOAN. Information of someone else that it's not from him will need a written letter and a legal reason that won't involve my husband as providing private information that doesn't pertain the process for correcting mistakes on forms informations and/or calculations provided by USAA. It will be costly to go to the closing and find out that the forms and loan amount is incorrect. This time we are reading very close each item before we proceed with the closing. Like my grandfather used to say: take your time dressing and getting ready because I don't have time to lose!!!!!
The first time we follow Kari advise orally took us to the position we are now. That we need to provide documents of our to do list mortgage loan from a trust that doesn't has nothing to do with my husband VA LOAN APPLICATION. This time we will require a letter from USAA explaining why they need this document to correct their error. My husband as trustee can't divulge financial information that doesn't pertain to the public. The trust lawyer can file the document and advise him better than the advise we receive from Kari previously. Following her advise put us in the situation we are right now. So the request of any document please by a letter specially if it's private information that it's not ours.