received a notice that my insurance bill payment was overdue. the due date was April 3rd. I thought that maybe the check was lost in the mail so I checked with my credit union and found that it was cashed by USAA on March 30, 5 days before it was due. I called and inquired and was told to call back in 2 days which I did. then I was told that they were still checking on it and to call back in 2 days which I did.this time they put me on hold again to check with accounting. while I was on hold I got cut off. waited till the next day and called again, after a long hold was told that they found the payment and it would be credited to my account shortly, that was days ago and it still hasn't been credited. (9 days after the check cleared) 4 different calls with long wait times and still no results. been a member for 50 years and have never seen such terrible service. the new motto of the company should be a takeoff of that old saying of what is the difference between ignorance and apathy "don"t know and don't care"