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Has anyone else noticed that their home value monitoring has changed? Our home value is way off by more than $200,000 from just a few months ago when I looked. I only just noticed it on my last logon last week. It is definitely not correct. Does this have any effect on my insurance value? If so, thi...
My Payment, Mortgage, Taxes, and Insurance bill is going down from $589 to $474 by refinancing a full 2% lower than the 4.875% rate USAA offered me when I bought my house through them 1 year ago (when rates were already supposed to be cheap) and they shucked my loan off to a third rate third party c...
do you do home equity loans?
Does USAA employ a program to allow homes servicemembers own, that may be vacant due to deployment, to be used by displaced families while their home is being repaired? Other insurance companies are doing this.
So, my fiance owns her home. We are investigating refinancing to lower month payments and interest rate. If I am added to the mortgage and refinance with a VA loan would I be eligible for first time buyer benefits?
I had an excellent experience with USAA Home Mortgage. I have read many poor reviews but my experience is, watch your emails, follow the instructions to the letter and you will have a seamless experience. When they ask for items XYZ, do not send them ABC. If you are unsure, email your loan officer f...
I recently refinanced my car with USAA and I am wanting to possibly refinance my house but I am worried it might be too soon to do both. My credit is not A1 but it is not terrible. I am wanting to refinance the house to pay off credit card debt and I might even pay off the car along with fixing up t...
Does USAA hava a 2nd mortgage program?
Bottom line, USAA has gotten way too big and doesn't care about members. Look at other posts. I wish I would have known how bad the mortgage department is. My appraisal has been done since September, we have missed a rate lock (due to their error and they act like they are doing me a favor by extend...
Dear @Hokie4Life74 This post has been moved from the “Discuss: Home” area to the "Support: Insurance" area to ensure the appropriate team is addressing your post. Thank you.

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