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Why USAA can not add my 14 Panels Solar System? I complaint about this twice and seems that no one cares or know how to ADD it on my Home Characteristics. These solar panels were constructed since April 2020. I mentioned also my Metal Roofing that was built in 2015 that was NOT also included or stat...
The house was damaged during Hurricane Laura, adjuster came out quick and that was the last time anything with claim went quick. We had siding damage, and fence damage and was told by the adjuster that we had hail damage on the roof. He then stated we should here back within a week. It took almost a...
I have a sunken living room at this house in Arlington Texas. I am of the older generation. My hubby who was military passed over a year ago. If I stay in this house I need the floor raised. I am not a million sire but I might have some money for putting a raised floor in. Are there any organization...
Will our homeowner's insurance premium go down if we get quto insurance thru USAA as well?
I'm interested in converting a construction loan to a conventional loan. I've had the property for about 6 months and the home is complete. Because it's a vacation home I know that I can not use a VA loan. Can USAA provide a conventional loan?
Is anyone, other than me, getting a completely strange log in page?
I would like to refinance my home to a 15 yr mortgage, with very good credit rating, home insurance, car insurance are currently with you. Home value is $430k and owe $145k. What is your best competitive rate can you give me? Currently with Wells Fargo. Thank you
I filed a claim for property damage due to Hurricane Sally with USAA 7 weeks ago. After hearing nothing for 3 weeks I gave USAA a negative rating on how USAA was handling my claim. I then asked several times for an update as I had heard nothing after the AllCat USAA contracted adjuster had been to m...
Hello, I am having trouble getting a homeowners quote. Please assist me.
My parents have been with USAA for more than 60 years. They had hail damage last year and USAA came by and provided them with the money to get items fixed. Unfortunately, USAA inspector missed a bunch of damage. Due to medical issues and hospitalizations, my parents did not get the repairs done to t...

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