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Anyone else dammed tired of seeing the money wasting ubicquitous ads we are running?
Can I now take out a VA loan on a Florida house I paid for in full with cash (to expidite the purchase) 2 months ago. I am selling our Wisconsin home and will make Florida our permanent residence.
1/23/20Dear USAA members,I telephoned and spoke with a kind mortgage loan officer named- James. He and I spoke on the phone for a good 5-10 minutes reviewing the best option to qualify for a USAA mortgage products and we came to a conclusion that the best option for my current needs is to look for a...
Fellow USAA Members,As 34 year USAA member, we are passing along Homeowners Insurance pricing that we discovered having major impacts on our USAA policy . In summary, Oor Policy rates increased at a very healthy rate over the 2-years for a new home (built in Nov2017). No claims, no changes, etc duri...
Can anyone show me a good way to check up on this company? My due diligence in researching GREENACRE Roofing has so far turned up nothing...ThanksJake 2020
Is there a valid reason why my OK home insurance is going up over 25% in January with no change to my coverage? Is that even legal?
I had water damage in my home due to a leaking appliance and had to replace the flooring and remove the molding underneath. I've gone through the process and realized that I'd be out of pocket $500 for the deductible. So far I'm more than $2,000 out of pocket and at a loss to explain why contractor ...
is it possible to fold unsecured debt into a home loan /va?
Is there a penalty to canceling the autopay for my mortgage and can I make 2 payments a month that would total the entire payment? Are there any forms or peopl I need to complete or talk to?
So I called USAA today to find out why my homeowners insurance has increased to $1877.50. In 2019 it was $1558.99. In 2018 it was $1247.99. I was informed that is because of insurance claims in my area as well as it would cost approximately $10,000 more to rebuild my home. So instead of $340,000 to ...

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