I had two homes that were suppose to be refinanced under a VA streamline.  I was suppose to close on 1 March 2016.  I started this loan process in mid January.  It took that long and they still missed my closing date.  Both of my loans were transferred twice in the same department.  So I had four people work on my two loans.  Out of the four only one person kept contact with on what was going on with my loan.  One of the other three I had to ask to speak to her.  They both told me my loan was on track and didn't need anything from me.  Fast forward, I get a call from one of the new loan people and she sent me an email on things she needed from me.  I completed in two days.  She took four days off and didn't pass my loan on and my loan missed it's closing date.  My sorry, it was just the way it was basically is what she said.  On my second loan she never called me.  She states she did and left messages.  I told her I looked at my phone log and had no missed calls from her number.  She sent me an email asking me for paperwork but never sent the paperwork.  She was rude and unprofessional.  Both emails were short and she never sent me the paperwork.  I asked to speak to her manager.  He called said he would work on it.  When both loans missed the closing date I asked to speak to him again.  No sorry and no understanding why I was upset.  He even hung up on me.  I now am suppose to be talking to his boss, but who knows.  She is helpful. but as of this post my loans still are not closed.  I have done a lot of things with USAA and this is the worse ever.


missing money.


Your concerns have been routed to our bank team for further review. They will be reaching out directly. Thank you.