I recently had an experience where a large branch fell on my dormer roof during a strong wind storm and damaged the roof to the point it started leaking. They apparently sent out an appraiser that they hired to minimize the cost of any claim. My coworker warned me they would do that as he had the same experience when his house was struck by lightning and he had to fight for months to get USAA to pay for just part of the repair. They finally settled the claim just for the internal damage to the house. My Father was a Korean war Veteran. My oldest brother has worked for the Federal Govt since graduating college and his son has followed in his footsteps. My sister and I served in the Navy and I have worked for DOD contractors since 88. My mother had a large branch fall on her roof in the late 80's and USAA told her if she could find someone to come out and fix it on a holiday weekend to have them repair the roof and they would pay the contractor directly. I am saddened and greatly dissapointed at how the quality of USAA products and customer service has degraded over the past 15 years. I now have a homeowners policy starting April 1st with another company for the same coverage at half the price. I am curretly getting quotes on car insurance and credit cards so I cancel all my USAA products.


@nukemm, I am sadden to hear that you plan on leaving the USAA family after many years with us.  I was able to locate your homeowners claim file and review.  I have provided your feedback to both your adjuster and their manager.  Please allow up to one business day for the manager follow up and discuss the details of your roof claim. - Ina

Have had similar problems with USAA. Only reason we are still with them is related to other issues going on right now and I just haven't had time to look around yet.  I could go on for several paragraphs about several events that no one would believe could actually have gotten the response from the insurance company that we did.  USAA has gotten way too big and no one has the authority to actually fix anything that is a problem with the system.  

I am saddened to read this @WonderinVa, this is definitely not the experience we want our members' to have when trusting USAA with their insurance needs.  I'd like the opportunity to help review the issue you are currently having and advocate on your behalf by sending me a Private Message.  ~ Marco