In the middle of financing a home with USAA. I should have listened to my gut to begin with, I refinanced with them a few years back for one of my houses and it was an extremely painful process. Fast forward to today, my husband and I we're suppose to close on our house today and we can't. Why? Because the individual "working "our file is completely unhelpful. He repeatedly had us sign paperwork with wrong information after correcting him numerous time. NEVER answers the phone and rarely responds back to emails or voicemails. We were not able to close on time because of his careless and lack of attention to detail. Our realtor and totals company are also having issues with this individual for the same exact issues. I got a hold of tis supervisor or seemed to be helpful over the phone, but once against nothing has changed. My husband and I are now coming out of pocket to stay in a hotel off base and costing us hundreds of dollars as there is no vacancy for on base billeting.

I will never recommend USAA for mortgage purposes, for anything else..sure, but never for this again.


I called them is well and got the same information or lack of so I went with an outside realtor and purchased my home
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We certainly understand your frustration. We apologize that our representative has not followed up thus far. We do value your membership and want to ensure you receive the callback with the mortgage information you needed. If you can please email us at [expired email], include your member number and situation. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I experienced the same with USAA when refinancing a home, also I had a bad feeling as well from the start. Why, because so many negative reviews. Also, I wrote a review and it was never published, so I can imagine evern more problems with USAA Mortgage department. Fortunately, for me I found a better product that worked for my family.