3 years ago I opened a FHA home mortage with a different company. My husband has banked with USAA for years and we also have all of our insurances through USAA. When it came time to refinance, it was a no brainer to want to go through USAA. We both though "they'll take care of us, because they care about veterans." We were SO wrong. First it started with the loan officer, she told us that we needed to pay off all of our credit cards. This caused us to be broke for the entire time, because she told us that we couldn't use them. We watched a nice video that broke down all our numbers and told us our closing date was suppose to be 11/24. We thought this was going to be painless because they had everything so organized. Our loan then was passed to the processor. Once we met Mike we thought he was going to take great care of us. We went weeks not hearing from him then he would ask us to provide him paperwork within a deadline. When it came to a week before the date we were suppose to close, we found out we weren't ready. We had planned on buying appliances on black friday to save money, and we were unable to do this. We then found out that we were going to be responsible for buying a rate extension because our locked in rate was about to expire. 



My wife justed broke down crying trying to write this comment. she couldn't continue on so im going to finsh it


We are going to have to excecpt the terms of this morgage or we are going to be destroyed finacaily no choice


thank you USAA for destorying my relationship with my wife


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Rhonda all of your executive solutions and managers and everybody else that has to do with anything customer related does not care will not help and creates more stress you guys just do not care about veterans you you should just have the guts to admit it because it would destroy your reputation not that you guys are already doing that yourself I will pass the word along the next time I'm at the VA
I would like USAA to stop thanking us for service and start being honest and telling us that they really do not care about us but the bottom line their money greed greed greed money money money greed greed greed money money money money money money money money greed greed greed greed greed

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You are all liars how about you just destroy some more lives make some more money and buy stuff you don't need because that's what it's all about being American these days keep on posting selfie's and looking in the mirror because you're important and you deserve everything for free