This is only the second home I have purchased but it has been the worst expierience I could imagine. The sad part is that I don't even know who to blame because it seems like everyone involved with my mortgage was incompetant. A week before we were finally able to close, only 3 weeks late, I called to get an estimate on what closing costs would be so I could plan out the purchases I would need to make in the coming weeks. I was told that I would be recieving approx. a $1500.00 refund at closing. Sounds great right? Well you have to remember the incompetant part. The morning before closing our agent calls with the finalized numbers and guess what, he informs me that we have to pay $1300.00 at closing. Now I understand that these peliminary numbers are just estimates but a $2800.00 difference is a bit much. I wouldn't classify that as an estimate but more like a wild shot in the dark. Also on top of the $2800.00 miscalculation I also had to pay an additional months rent, reschedule utility transfers every 3 days, missed days off work and the list goes on and on. I guess the bottom line is if you are looking for a mortgage company look elsewhere unless you love pain and frustration on a daily basis.


I got off to a rough start on my Mortgage Loan. I was able to get with the right person and things smoothed out with my Processor. I think sometimes when you do business out of state or town it has a tendency to go a little slower. You aren't able to talk face to face with the bank. I'll use USAA again.


I cannot apologize enough for the disappointing mortgage experience. I have escalated you concerns and someone should be reaching out to you today to see what can be done to rectify your situation. Thank you so much for commenting in the community and please keep us posted after you hear from a mortgage specialist. Thank you for your service.

Still haven't received a call, email or any other form of contact but then again I wouldn't expect anything different.

Hi disappointed.veteran,

Checking in to make sure you have heard from someone. Please keep me updated. Thank you!