Worst Experience with USAA (Customer Service)

I have been a member with USAA for 15 years. In the last 2 years, I have experienced the worst customer service ever.  Prior to adding my sister to my auto insurance policy, I asked 3 different member representatives if I was able to add her to our auto insurance policy and if so, eventually would she be able to get her own membership because our father was a veteran however he passed away prior to USAA letting enlisted members join USAA?  I was told yes.  When she goes to get her own memebership and auto insurance, she is being told that she is not eligible for either. Really? Then I asked if she could just stay on my policy even though we were PCSing to Colorado. Once again, I was told yes. When we actually go to change the information on the policy, I was told that she would have to get her own policy. WTW?


So I have been lied to by 3 different representatives and then was told by a Member Retention Specialist that all 3 representatives were wrong. Then there is a training issue within this company that needs to be addressed. Obviously, someone is lying and I know it isn't me.  I plan to pull out the majority of my accounts out of USAA except my credit card and homeowners insurance. Might keep auto policy with USAA (really on the fence about that one). I would not recommend USAA to anyone until they fix their customer service.


It almost seems as if they have outsourced customer service. A few years ago it was top notch, now they seem to be annoyed that you call.

Wow! such strong words!  Yea I agree with the credit card I cannot find ANY other credit to go with a low APR like USAA so thats a no brainer; do not have homeowner insurance but I have renters insurance and have had no complaints about that except back in 2005ish when house was broken into and they only gave a a percentage of value but I see now that is custom.  Auto policy I think no one is better but I have not really shopped around.  I have been thinking about it actually for a week or so calling different auto insurance companies and comparing prices and then calling back USAA and see what they say but always tied up with other things.  As far as "other" accounts not sure what else is out there unless you mean banking and investing and I think there is our firms/banks that will give you back more on return %%.  Really sounds like a headache you are going thru -- good luck!

My federal credit union charges 6.5 percent interest on my VISA with them.. USAA 9.9..  with excellent credit.. Check around, you might be getting ripped off.

Dear Who I am,


I am so sorry about the conflicting information you received. I can't imagine how frustrating this whole process has been. Although I cannot change what has already passed, we would like the opportunity to get additional details about what happened and who you spoke with, so that we can ensure something like this does not happen again. We would really appreciate it if you could email us at socialmedia@usaa.com (please include your member number and the best way to contact you). We look forward ot hearing from you. Thank you