USAA may lose every single bit of business we have with them. 


We were given a pre-qualification that was valid until August 15th, 2017. We went under contract for a house that didn't go through due to issues with the HOA. Because of that USAA pulled our entire application and are now telling us that if we want to put another offer in we have to get pre-qualified over again. Our loan officer who we talked to the day before NEVER mentioned that to us. So if you go to buy a house where the seller isn't open and upfront on the disclosure form and you have to back out due to that then USAA will not be able to help you. You could put an offer on a house and send earnest money and USAA didn't inform you they erased your entire application then you'd be out of your earnest money. We had purchased a home with USAA in 2009 and it was a completely different experience than it is today. Everything is outsourced to people outside of USAA and in order to get answers to anything you have to go through a banking rep in order to get a mortgage answer because no one in mortgage ever answers. 


cbos, I am sorry to hear of your recent experience and we would like the opportunity to review this issue further. Please send us a PM with your phone number or email address and we can begin to research this issue on your behalf. - Robert

I don't see an option to send a PM. 

Cbos, I apologize the option to PM is not available however I was able to locate your information. I am sharing your concerns with a colleague who will review your concerns further. - Robert

It's okay, we've been told by two USAA reps that 1) USAA does NOT feel the need to disclose upfront to customers that your pre-qualification disappears if a sale falls through because it doesn't happen often enough for them to inform everyone and 2) we are screwed no matter what. Also, our realtor has said that if USAA is going to operate in this manner then he's not planning to work with USAA anymore because they do not want to work with an organization that treats buyers like this. 

why is USAA being like trhis? I was going to build so I don't want any nightmares. Will change to a local NC bank.