I wish we would have read the reviews before starting this process. This has been the worst customer service experience of my life. We started the loan process on 10/30/15 and were given the closing date of 12/4/15. Any time any documents were requested, we submitted them within 12 hours. On 12/1/15, we received a call from our processor stating that we had until the end of the day to turn in statements from my student loan companies stating why my accounts were in deferment (I will be in school for the next year) or we were going to be denied again ( we didn’t know we had been denied at all or that there was ANY problems with our loan process). I scrambled trying to get the documents together as both loan companies stated that they only send those letters through the mail. After begging and pleading with various people, I was finally able to get the documents submitted the same day. When I called to double check that everything was submitted, I talked to the escalation department and the person I talked to said right after my processor called me in the a.m, he started to close out our file. We fought to have it re-open as we submitted everything that was requested…. And then from here it went downhill. I had to get in touch with the title company because our processor never followed up and turns out he never opened escrow so none of the title documents could even be submitted, our processor also said we didn’t need a final inspection since the things we needed to fix were minor (CO2 censor and straps on water heater),he also said we didn’t need a termite inspection and so on and so forth. This is literally just to name a few of the things that got ‘dropped.’ Our closing date got pushed back to 12/18/2015. It is now the night before and surprise surprise they are pushing back the closing date until right before the New Year!!! I found out that our processor could have put a rush on our title review because our account qualified for it and he never did. I feel like the processors do not understand that they are screwing with people’s lives. I have talked to supervisors and the escalation department and still to no avail. Sadly, I will not be able to recommend USAA to friends and other service members; in fact, I will discourage the use of USAA’s mortgage department. This truly saddens me as my husband and I are extremely loyal and love the banking and insurance departments, but the mortgage department is off their rocker, they have no clue how to treat people, it is almost like they think they are the only game in town for veterans, which is simply not the case. I am so disheartened by this experience.




I appreciate the time you have taken to reach out to us in Community. I have passed along your concerns to our mortgage department. They will be reaching out to you in order to further assist. Thank you.

Were you able to close? Some of your experiences are simular to ours. We were suppose to close yesterday.

We have yet to close, they bumped the date to the 28th, which will be our 3rd closing date. Also despite Angela saying someone would contact me..no one has. And to be honest it is starting to look like we may not make the 28th closing date. I am hoping you make more headway than us and close soon!!



I have just reached out to our mortgage team for an update on this. Thank you.



I echo your concerns. After being bumped from December 15 to the 28th for a closing date, I am also concerned that closing will not occur on time. Apparently the only way to get a response out of anyone at USAA is by posting here. However, I'm not convinced the response is worth anything. I truly hope the problems with the mortgage department do not spread throughout USAA, as I too have been a loyal banking and insurance customer for many years.


be well,


Disillusioned 01,


I have responded to your original comment here. Thank you.

Hang in there, your new home will be worth it. 

Not sure how much of this is process, how much is training, and how much is USAA versus other lenders but I do not necessarily think the grass will be greener at another bank.  USAA ultimately came through for us but it was a nerve wracking ride to get there.


I would urge USAA to make sure their processors are proactive about anything that may trigger another set of questions or requirements or document deadlines from/for buyers.  There should not be surprises and unnecessary delays for anyone. 


Managing expectations is HUGE - in fact it's probably the single most important part of the home buying process. 


And it's true with anything in life - why does anyone get upset?  Because of poorly managed expectations - they are led to believe something they later learn isn't so (or can't happen yet, i.e. a closing date) even if they've acted in good faith. 

Why wouldn't USAA members form expectations based on what USAA employees of any department are telling them?  Isnt' that what USAA wants?