Wish I would have read all the post before choosing USAA for my mortgage

I really wish I would have read everything on here before I chose to use USAA for my new home loan. The process has been long and even though I had all documents to them within three days it was 3 weeks before they even looked at my things. Now here we are less then a week from closing and they still don't have it all together. They also say they sent things to different people but yet both companies have not received anything. This is the first time in purchasing a home (my third home) that I could easily say I don't know if USAA will approve us or not because of how they act. 


Sorry to hear of your bad experience with USAA. I guess no one is perfect. I have used them 3 times in purchasing a home (most recently last year), and overall I have found them to be much more competent and thorough than other mortgage companies I have delt with. They remain my first choice.


I have passed along your comment to a mortgage specialist, who should be reaching out shortly to assist you with the process! I apologize for the lack of communication thus far, we look forward to talking with you and making sure everything is set for your closing. thank you.