Bottom line, USAA has gotten way too big and doesn't care about members.  Look at other posts.  I wish I would have known how bad the mortgage department is.  My appraisal has been done since September, we have missed a rate lock (due to their error and they act like they are doing me a favor by extending and not charging).  I paid for an inspection and it is still on the paperwork as a charge from USAA.  My banking is with USAA (they can see my accounts), but they are questioning me moving money from a savings account to a checking account (only moving money, not depositing)....but they keep asking me for the source of the fund.  They literally do not care how they treat members.  I am contacted by a supervisor who assures me they are working this file, then suddenly I hear nothing.  USAA will be selling my loan and quite frankly, I am OK with that.  I will be changing my banks, insurance and everything else once this is finalized.  I will no longer be using USAA...there are plenty of other institutions that take care of their members.  I have a lot of colleagues who use USAA and I will be letting them know.  Sad that USAA just doesn't care about their members...



We are sorry to hear about your experience, @KKP5.  We would like to have a manager contact you about your experience.  Do you mind if we request that in order to make sure things go smoothly for your loan application the rest of the way?  Please let us know as we greatly value your membership. --  Shawn

Agree, just look at their Board of Directors.   Totally detached from our mainstream members.  

Another example of the "Stuart Parker Effect".  Move from USAA ASAP and don't look back.