Winter Damage Property Claim

As a veteran and a USAA member of 15 years, I type this with the utmost disappointment. I am one of many who's home was impacted by the winter storm that occurred in Texas in February 2021. I submitted my claim immediately after seeing the damage. I work out of state normally due to my career, and I am single with no family in Texas.

In summary, USAA has yet to provide me anyone of competence on this issue, my closing date of my home, moved for the fourth and now going on fifth time, is constantly in jeopardy and I receive zero communication from USAA on the steps to take for the work to be performed unless I call in and force them to do their job. I am also now accruing heavy debt because the insurance I have paid for for years that is supposed to cover me for loss of use of my home has not somehow made its way to me and I am forced to absorb costs of hotel stays, food and pet lodging for my dog. Essentially, I am not being taken care of by an organization that has no problem quickly taking my money for things that should cover me but has little to no interest in covering me in this crisis.

I used to champion USAA as one of the best insurance and banking institutions around. As of the abysmal service the last 3 years, I can no longer say that. I am shocked and disappointed with what I am seeing from this institution. I only hope this isn't happening to other veterans.
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Hope that you get the damage claim taken care of.

Yes, USAA treats Veterans like garbage.

Pedro, I had a similar experience as a 51 year member and 16 year employee who paid thousands of dollars in premiums and brought in millions of of dollars of new member business to USAA annually. After my winter storm damage claim was submitted USAA didn’t arrange for any water mitigation services for us, sent their “independent inspector” to our home six days after we cleaned up our damage ourselves, never gave us access to the inspector’s report, and denied our claim completely more than three weeks after we filed it. The good news is that if you submit your claim denial letter from USAA to Disaster along with an application for Disaster Assistance you will find that a federal bureaucracy will respond with more of sense of urgency and quite likely honor your claim even though you never paid the federal agency a penny in insurance premiums. Thumbs up to Disaster; thumbs down to USAA.

@EGar- We certainly appreciate your membership. I'm sorry to hear you has a poor claims experience. I am going to share this post for additional review and assistance.  ~Shawna

Shawna, I hope you’ll let Wayne Peacock know how much things have changed in terms of our loyalty to my once beloved employer and insurance company. Our experience with this claim as well as those of other former loyal USAA members is not what we’ve learned to expect from USAA. And it essentially makes most of USAA’s TV commercials flat out lies.

An update for those who may have been tracking this thread.  In spite of two contacts in the past two weeks by USAA Member Advocacy Reps, and my own USAA Claims Rep, promises for a Manager to call back "within 24 hours" have not been kept.  It will be six days tomorrow when the last promise to be contacted was made.  On the other hand, that Government Agency, responsible for helping Americans with disaster issues ( has settled my first appeal submission (as promised within 7 to 10 days) and I have received a partial payment for my $11,000+ claim with an automatic deposit of more than $3500 into my checking account.  I have one more submission I plan to make to get closer to completely recovering from our loss.  Once again it's "props" to and lost faith in USAA.  

@EGar, I see your concerns have been previously escalated. So that we may have an opportunity to address them further, I will engage that area for follow up. Thank you.-Cynthia 

@Pedro11- I am saddened to hear you, a long time USAA member, are disappointed in the service you have received over the last three years culminating in your most recent claims experience. I am going to make sure we look into your experiences by sharing this post thread with the appropriate area for additional review and assistance. Thank you for reaching out to us. ~Shawna