I initially was going to write this post to tell my fellow service members to be mindful and aware what filing Property Claims with USAA.  But, it appears that I should have read the community chat before having my own unfortunate experience.  Well.  I'll describe it anyway eventhought its needless to say because it appears common.


I purchased my home 11 years ago.  Received a Homeowners policy.  Never filed a claim.  Paid on time.  Then we had a serious of hail and wind storms in my town.  After I had my gutters cleaned.  The contractor noticed it.  I filed a claim with USAA.  It was denied. Tried to appeal.  Denied.  A year later a wind storm.  lost (1) one Shingle. Filed a claim. Denied.  Appealed.  Denied.  


After over 20 years with USAA with nearly all of my products via this company.  I received a TERMINATION letter.  Stating they would no longer insure my home.  Of course this was heartbreaking.  Being in the middle of a Pandemic, being a disabled minority combat vet meant absolutely nothing to the loan shark insurance salesmen that I have been dealing with since I was dropped.  I am considered "High Risk" for a shingle.  Years of no claims.  No late payments. I wish their was something that I could tell members to prevent the same thing from happening to them except what it comes down to is this:  Your policy is their as a "must have" thing.  Don't try to use it or you will be considered a liability.   Other insurance company's are reporting that I had 4 claims within 5 years (apparently the reporting window. be careful).  I had 2.  None were paid.  


I'm not all about problems, but solutions: So here is what nice Insurance lady told me to do which may help some of you out there.  When USAA cuts you off.  Request a claims experience letter.  You'll need if for your new homeowners Insurance company.  Fix the issue.  In my case it was a shingle (roofers wanted to replace the whole roof.  USAA probably won't like that...even if the Roofer says its needed naturally.  What insurance company would?). Go for a basic Fire and Dwelling Policy.  Let the knew insurance company know that problem was repaired.  Give them your USAA Policy figures.  Tell them to beat that.  Most are pretty compareable.  So you'll come out just fine.  Don't sweat the little (big) stuff.  Thanks to all my Vets for your service as we approach Veterans Day (and the Marine Corps Birthday :-)  Oorah )


@Captain2012, I am terribly sorry to hear that you are having these concerns regarding your insurance policy. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to look into further. Please allow 2-3 business days for them to begin researching your situation and reach out to you.