Wind Blown

To All,


I am totally dissappointed with USAA over my recent claim, which involved wind damage. We had some serious wind come through where I live which caused my pole barn to twist, shift and lean, we lost large mature trees, we were in the middle of a home remodel and the framed walls had twisted and blown over and a new garage wall had been blown out. The winds were clocked at over 130Mph from a weather station 5 miles from my house at an official DNR weather station. USAA sent out an adjusted, then sent out an enginere to look at it and make his assesment. There enginere used weather data from 30 miles away that the weather station also is in a valley. There enginere came up with the winds were not enough to cause this kind of damage. 


When I talked with my adjusted I asked what I could do to rebut this and he told me to hire an enginere to come out and make his report, so I did. When I sent in his report which contradicted there enginere, they still went with there enginere because he states the building was constructed out of square, and again the wind damage that acord would have taken the building down to the ground.


Now I have been a USAA member for over 15 years now and have NEVER been treated like this, we are all just numbers to them now and they no longer take care of us like they used to, and what I find VERY disturbing is that before if we had an issue we could contact the CEO, but now trying to find his contact is impossable.