Wilson Roofing USAA Contractor

Please avoid using USAA contractor, Wilson Roofing. They are a fraudulent company that charged USAA against my home owners insurance for work that wasn't done. If you call them out on their fraud, Wilson Roofing employees will intentionally damage your home. Wilson Roofing employees got angry because they were made to replace the metal vents on our roof that they had charged USAA for, so the employee disconnected the exhaust hose that connected to our gas hot water heater and to our bathroom exhaust. This was criminal and done to cause me and my family harm. USAA was more concerned about their contractor, Wilson Roofing, than they were for the fact that the exhaust hoses were left dropped into the crawl space in our attic for six months. USAA gets kick backs from their contractors when we agree to use them. If you are unhappy with their work, USAA will only assist their contractor. USAA had no concern for the fact that I had to breathe toxic gases in my home for six months. I called them every week for six months and their response was to tell me to have a good day and hang up on me while I was still talking. USAA claim representatives are there for their contractors and only their contractors because they want that kick back money from the contractors.

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How awful for you! I hope you file grievances with your state licensing boards.

This is extremely disturbing to hear, @Hjhkjfhvhc1224. I will be escalating your situation to our expert team to be reviewed and addressed properly. ~Marie

Stunning and criminal. USAA, how about providing "members" an update on this situation. Surely USAA can do better than this. For the customer---very sorry this happened to you. Thank you for exposing this to the "members". Be safe.