Attempted to get a home loan through USAA and had to fight with the Willfully Ignorant "Home Loan Specialists".  They are either actually incompetent or just act as if they don't know what they are doing so they can push you into more expensive products. 


They will really push for you to get a VA loan because they collect the VA funding fee.  They care more about collecting that percentage fee than they do about getting customers a decent loan. 


They will delay, lose information, ignore, make up, and misrepresent your financials in order to get you to take the loan they want.  Then if you don't take what they want to give you, they will literally stop responding, stop taking your calls, and pretend they have lost your information.


I would like to personally thank XXXX XXXXX for wasting my time, and showing me what USAA is actually about.  All they care about is getting their fees.  They are sales people and will do and say anything they need to in order to get you to purchase the highest priced product they can. 


They claim to serve veterans but that is only because they love charging that VA funding fee. 


Do not waste your time or energy working with these crooks, or at the very least know that they are no serving you, only looking to maximize their profits.




We appreciate you taking the opportunity to share your experience. Certainly this is not what we want for our members. I have taken this opportunity to share your experience with a colleague in the mortgage department. They will research your concerns and reach out to discuss this matter with you. We will be in contact with you soon to discuss your mortgage experience. -Gus

We had the EXACT same experience 2 years ago. Plus, they kept running our credit (for no reason) which created a problem too. We ended going to Navy Federal and it was smooth sailing all the way.
I hope you were able to get your home loan secured in an intelligent, respectful, and professional manner.