This it what it says about joinging USAA


When you join USAA, you become part of a family that's there for you during every stage of your life.

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You sure haven't lived up to what you state about joining. You aren't meeting everyones need. I am like a lot of people on hear who do banking with you and it is the only place I bank with are looking for Home Equity Loans. Seems all we are doing is getting the run around and not true answers. You stopped them when most people could really use one. You say you will have them back within a year. Well that time has past. Never let your members know you were stopping them and can't give any true information on when you will have them back. It's said when many long time members are leaving because you lied about helping. 

Just what you all to be truthful to your members. As you call us were family and families talk. Please give us updates and make us proud to be a part of this Family/Member.


Jeni 2,

Thank you for taking the time to post here. We appreciate your feedback and I can assure you I have sent your thoughts and concerns to our mortgage department. Thank you.