Hey folks! Does anyone know how to get into touch with the top people at USAA? I am in the process of getting a mortgage and it has been nightmare. My first attempt in May/June need me to restructure a few things, ok done! Now I get a new loan processor and I have have to call him 3/4 times a day, I can't get a hold of his supervisor to complain and now I have missed my closing date. To top it off I am going to lose my interest I locked in and have to pay more money out of pocket to extend it! Just looking for who I am supposed to complain to when things fall on deaf ears? Thanks!




We regret to hear of your experience. We have taken this opportunity to escalate your concerns. Someone will be contact with you to discuss this matter further.

BS, had same issue. USAA could not locate my 50k down payment on closing day. Sat in the lawyers office for 7 hours waiting on someone to finally hit the enter key.

Do what I did, pay $9.95 and do a CEO lookup for USAA for contact info. Worked for me.

Concerned too,


Thank you for posting in the Community. Your concerns have been escalated for review and response.